Renter Solutions

Whether you are looking to rent an apartment or looking to lease an house, condo, or townhouse, we have a solution for you.    

We will scour the market of home rentals and apartments to locate you the best property for your needs.  We try to learn the client's perspective by suggesting areas, properties, styles, prices ranges, etc. to narrow down their options to listings that they would probably like to see.  By offering properties as ideas for exploration and being open to feedback rather than telling the client what they should like helps the client to efficiently find something that will make them happy.  We then send personalized listings and highlight 3-4 that would possibly be the best fit for them along with a list of about 10 other properties that are good to mention as well.

We welcome escorting clients to the different apartments and rental properties, and find it is especially valuable for people who are new to the city. This saves the client time and energy by not wasting time locating properties and scheduling appointments themselves. Escorting also gives us the instant ability to see how our clients respond to different types of properties and areas so we can use this feedback on the fly to reroute to a new property that may be even a better fit.

Prior to the visiting apartments, we call on properties to get their latest availability and pricing, therefore, we won't take you to somewhere that doesn't have availability or the right price.  We take pride in being up-to-date on the pricing and availability and any specials that the different apartment properties are offering.

We will find you your ideal rental by better targeting your search to only properties that you are truly interested in seeing. 

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