Buyer Solutions

Using a good buyer's agent is the difference between a cumbersome and smooth home buying experience.  A buyer's agent will usually not cost you anything since the seller pays the commission to the listing agent who then splits it with the buyer's agent.  If you choose not to have a buyer's agent represent you, the seller agent will then serve you as a customer and have no obligation to represent your interests whereas a buyer's agent has a legal duty to work for your interests.

At True Realty Services, we don’t run my business on false promises or misleading verbiage, but we always work to be completely upfront and honest on how to get you the best results.  Our business is largely based on referrals of past clients who have referred us to their friends and family.  We are committed to the complete satisfaction of our clients with our services pledge below:

  1. The Search
    We will listen closely to understand your needs and wants and present to you the different options available to fit your needs.  We will preview properties and provide you access to properties you likely cannot see on your own and make appointments to show you the properties.
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  2. The Offer
    We will help you evaluate a property's worth by comparing it with past sales data and current listing prices.  We will then use this information to increase your negotiation power with sellers to help get you a better price.   We will prepare a written offer to purchase the property of your choice reflecting your price and terms.
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  3. The Loan
    We will work with the lender of your choice or arrange for a lender to help you determine what you can afford.  We can recommend reputable mortgage companies who may be able to get you a better deal than you can find on your own which will save you thousands.
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  4. The Closing
    We will make sure things go along as planned by assisting you in arranging for a professional property inspection, property appraisal, and title search.  We will review with you all the inspection reports, seller's disclosure, and other papers pertaining to the condition of the property.  We will help identify any remedies for any faults disclosed and inform you of the satisfaction of all conditions.  We will accompany you on the final walk through prior to closing to ensure any problems that crop up will be dealt with before closing.
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Buyer Success

Look for a buyer's agent who will be your partner.  Find someone you trust, who will give you the facts, help you make intelligent, well-informed decisions and work with you throughout the entire process.

Rest assured, at True Realty Services we will constantly be there every step of the process to facilitate the positive experience your transaction should represent.  We will work with you as your partner throughout the entire process.  We're someone you can trust, who will give you the facts, and help you make intelligent, well-informed decisions.

Contact us today to see how we can make this your most positive real estate experience yet.