The Search

Separating what is really important to you such as the features you absolutely need and features you could do without is the key to your search. Don't let all your wants keep you from zeroing in on what really matters to you.

It is most important to find what you will enjoy living in but it is also important to consider its investment potential for appreciation over time. Neighborhoods are always changing- slowly or quickly for better or worse and the house values right along with them.

Before you find the right house, you need to find the right neighborhood. To know if a neighborhood is right for you consider the local amenities such as the shops, parks, schools, and café. If you don't like the neighborhood, you will never love the home.

If the housing prices in a hip neighborhood are too hot to handle, consider living in a nearby neighborhood which are often overlooked and poised to benefit from the reflective growth. You can also be opened minded and sacrifice cosmetic bliss for a lower price and then put in new flooring and a fresh coat of paint to unveil the gem underneath.

Always be reviewing your needs to what you have seen already and don't be surprised if you change your list of what you want once you start looking at homes. Don’t worry about making comprises but must sure they are ones you can be happy living with. Be vigilant because the next home may be just right for you.