The Listing

To objectively place a value on your property, your real estate agent will review with you the active competition of houses currently on the market and do a comparables analysis what the homes most similar to yours have sold for in the past.  This will give you a good idea of how the market is behaving and how aggressive you can be in setting a price.  Depending on how fast you are looking to sell, you will decide where on the range of values to list as your asking price.

Once your home goes on the market it's a house that's for sale.  This requires presenting your home to potential buyers in the most positive light.  You can do the following things to make your house more attractive to buyers: 

  1. Pack up, tidy up, and throw out junk as much as you can to create the perception of roominess and neatness
  2. Shape up the yard including mulching, trimming, and even fertilizing the lawn if it needs it.
  3. Scrub or paint with neutral colors the inside and outside walls of the house including the front door.
  4. Hide personal items that will distract the buyer from easily imagining moving in with their family such as photos and collections.

When showcasing your house to buyers, set the stage by cleaning anything that is dirty before showing, have all blinds opened during the day, and all lights turned on at dark.  If possible leave the house when showing because buyer's find it weird to encounter the seller at a showing and will hesitate to look in rooms and leave quickly, which is never a good sign. 

If you price your home right and keep your house neat, clean, and available for viewing to agents and buyers, you’ll get offers.